Spruce sawn timber is delivered to Mokbel A. Al Khalaf to be used in concrete shuttering

Mokbel A. Al Khalaf - sawn timber import company

Location Saudi Arabia
Products Used Nordic premium timber
End-Use Timber for concrete shuttering

Fit-to-purpose northern timber for concrete shuttering


Mokbel A. Al Khalaf, one of the biggest sawn timber import company in Saudi Arabia, needed a partner who is ready to work on long-term basis also in the changing economy. They wanted to find the supplier from Scandinavia to guarantee high-quality northern logs which are appreciated in Saudi Arabia.


Metsä Wood delivers spruce sawn timber to Saudi Arabia on regular basis. Mokbel A. Al Khalaf buys the timber for concrete shuttering, where the northern wood can be used several times due to its technical properties. Mokbel A. Al Khalaf also buys pine for joinery.

The companies have started to build the partnership about six years ago.
“We have a really good companionship and trust with Metsä Wood and Metsä Wood’s local agent Unirets Scantim S.A.L. We all are committed to this relationship in the long run, and I can see a great future together”, says Mokbel A. Al Khalaf’s owner.


When Mokbel A. Al Khalaf was founded, it started with one main warehouse. Today, the size has grown over to reach more than 7 warehouses. One of the biggest sawn timber importers in Saudi Arabia needs a reliable partner who is able to do cooperation. In addition to excellent quality sawn timber, also people and common openness and trust to reach common goals are key issues. 


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