Stay okay hostel
Images: Ossip van Duivenbode / PA Architecture

Dutch Stay Okay hostel

Location Bergen op Zoom Netherlands
Building Year 2015
Architect Personal Architecture BNA (
Structural Design IMd raadgevende Ingenieurs (
Customer NJHC beheer
Products Used Kerto LVL
Type Residential Buildings And Gardens

Dutch Stayokay hostel with Finnish touch

​The Stayokay hostel in Bergen op Zoom [The Netherlands] is situated in the middle of a forest close to the spectacular Klimbos [Climbing Forest]. The old building has given way to new sustainable, well insulated buildings. Energy efficient systems, roofs covered with heather and even a charging post for electric cars have been created in the middle of the forest. Bio based products and recycled material from the old building have been used in the brand new building. Among other things, one can find a bar, a pleasant lounge area and a beautiful terrace. The children can climb and scramble outside in the playground, which is also equipped with a cable ride. This project is unique regarding the special manner in which the constructive Kerto-Ripa wooden floors have been applied.


Architects Sander van Schaik Maarten Polkamp of Personal Architecture in Rotterdam received a permit which, from a technical point of view, had a height restriction, but they wanted to create space by using high ceilings. Moreover, the floors had to run from the inside to the outside. PA pointed out the possibilities of using Kerto® LVL Elements to the Imd structural engineer.


The IMd structural engineer suggested placing so-called panels to span the approx. 5 m between the floors. Consequently beams could be fitted in-between the steel structure, creating a considerable gain in height. They were aware of the smart possibilities the Metsä wooden hollow-core panels could offer.

When using this manner of construction, the floor panels lie between the steel ring girders. In addition to gaining a height of approx. 36 cm, this manner of construction also enables the use of less m². The crux of the placement of these panels lies in the fact that the high quality Kerto® LVL S-ribs are glued constructively to the Kerto® LVL Q upper panel. This creates a strong total to which diaphragm action can be applied. Something that appealed to the IMd structural engineer. The architect acknowledged the rigid structure would guarantee a high level of comfort to the users of the premises.

In addition to the floor construction, with an approx. total height of 390mm, a roof has been erected made of the Finish wooden hollow-core panel. 


A sustainable and multi-functional building which can be disassembled and in which the ‘Het Klimbos’ hostel and the nature, environmental and education centre merge seamlessly. The building owes its compactness to a highly implemented double and multiple use of space whereby functions and facilities are shared. Resulting in low building and operating costs on the one hand and a strong synergy between functions and target groups on the other hand.

Imd, together with the architect, made several construction drafts during the design phase regarding sustainability performance in order to attain the lowest ‘overall’ environmental impact. Consequently, the cold-rolled C-profiles were chosen. They are extremely light and use much less material and energy than hot rolled profiles.

Other construction components include wooden laminated beams and wooden, pre-fabricated Kerto® LVL element floors. The wooden rafters from the old, demolished Stayokay will be used to make furniture.

Approx. 20 tonnes of CO2 is stored in the total amount of wood used for the Ripa’s; this is equal to the electricity consumption of 20 households in 1 year (source: NBVT computing module).

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