Nordic premium timber for VTI's window components

VTI wood based fabrication

Location Denmark
Customer VTI
Products Used Nordic premium timber
End-Use window components; edge laminated panels

Metsä supplying sawn wood for VTI

​"The relationship we have with Metsä Wood is a true partnership. We appreciate their customer-minded service and their deep understanding of our own processes."

Allan Rasmussen, Purchasing manager, VTI


Danish-based wood fabrication company VTI needed an industrial scale partner who could supply high quality tailor-cut and sorted wood products on a tight schedule.



Working very closely with VTI, Metsä Wood currently delivers raw material for two business lines as a sawn timber. VTI's product range consists of window components and edge laminated panels. The two companies collaborate so closely that they even plan together VTI's customer proposals regarding product quantity, quality and delivery times.

A key to keeping its promises is Metsä Wood's state-of-the-art saw mills and the use of x-ray scanners to grade logs before they are tailor cut to VTI's specifications. The desired product characteristics and most efficient tailor made cuts are made at Metsä's sawmills, allowing VTI to concentrate on its core business – the manufacturing and selling of high quality wood products. The time from the initial order, to production, kiln drying and delivery, is just 1-2 months, with the overall delivery frame for all contracts being agreed every 6 months.


VTI's customers receive precisely the right quality at the right time. This happens because VTI and Metsä effectively plan together with VTI's customers in mind.

Because Metsä truly understands VTI's business, including the needs of their customers, the capabilities of both companies continue to strengthen. Volume growth from in past 3 years has been 40% in constant business.

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