Modular Pattern Buildings

Modular Pattern Buildings

Concept 369 Pattern Buildings is a joint project with the modular construction company Harmet, architects from the Estonian Academy of Arts and engineers interested in timber construction. The main goal of the Pattern Buildings project is to create a mass-customisable building system based on modular design.

Talking Wood with Kristo Kalbe
Kristo Kalbe

In this Talking Wood video Kristo Kalbe, energy efficiency engineer of 369 Pattern Buildings, explains the project and how the use of Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) enables lighter structures and more sustainable solutions. 

“Unique buildings can be built based on the same mass-produced structural system. This is the idea of Pattern Buildings: using the same building components, one can build very small houses, as well as apartment buildings and hospitals,” he says. The Pattern Building system allows timber buildings with up to seven floors.    

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