Mass customization enables more efficient and sustainable construction

​Architect Renee Puusepp believes that mass customization takes wood construction forward.

Renee Puusepp
Renee Puusepp

​Renee Puusepp, a senior researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of Estonian Academy of Arts is sure, that mass customization leads to more efficient yet flexible construction of wooden buildings. Standardized modules can be combined in different ways, taking into account the customer’s needs, neighbourhoods and surrounding environment.

“The construction sector is known for its mediocre performance, especially if we compare it to the production of consumer products such as mobile phones or cars. The future of construction is going to be mass customization, that will bring efficiency and cost savings to construction,“ he says in a new Talking Wood video by Metsä Wood.

“We can use for instance Kerto LVL to create lightweight, yet highly standardized modular building blocks. Those can be combined together in different ways, to create buildings of unique character and design,“ Puusepp points out.

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