Collaboration advances the understanding of wood as a building material

​Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood is an initiative to share knowledge and innovations in the field of wood construction between construction professionals globally. The platform’s first ever Innovation Award has been presented to engineer and architect Paul Esombi Ekema for his achievements in advancing the idea of Open Source Wood.

Paul Ekema
Paul Esombi Ekema

Talking Wood with Paul Ekema:  Collaboration advances the understanding of wood as a building material

Open Source Wood is a platform for learning and sharing thoughts about wood construction – and rewarding its active members. Paul Ekema is an architect, engineer and owner of Peekplan Architects. Ekema was recently granted an Innovation Award for his active role on Open Source Wood platform.

Ekema believes that since wood is not as familiar as a construction material as for example concrete and steel, sustainable building materials should be discussed and ideas shared freely. Ekema hopes that by discussing ideas and sharing thoughts, wood construction could become a more common way of building in the near future.

Kerto LVL is a fast, light and green construction material. Ekema used Kerto LVL® as a material when designing Tiny Houses M4 and M5. The plans can be found on Open Source Wood. The feedback that he’s received for his plans has been encouraging.

“The future of wood construction is promising – people are now starting to notice the importance of wood and starting to rethink the materials they are using,” Ekema says.

Watch the video about how collaboration advances the understanding of wood as a building material.

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