Architects exploring Kerto LVL

Andrew Scott

​Kerto® LVL gives new ideas for architecture students at MIT

In March 2018, students of architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Aalto University took part in Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood Hackathon. The idea of the event was to give rise to innovative solutions for residential wooden extensions. One of the eye-opening experiences for the participants was becoming familiar with Kerto® LVL, a laminated veneer lumber product that can be used in all types of construction projects.

Mr Andrew Scott is Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at MIT. His interest is in ecological issues, and his recent projects have focused on low-carbon communities, health and design at multiple scales, and new models for affordable urban housing.

Together with his students, Scott found new ideas for urban construction at Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood Hackathon. In this Talking Wood video, he tells more about his thoughts and visions about wood construction and Kerto® LVL products.

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