sustainable construction with timber frames

Sustainable construction

​Structural engineer Pim Peters sees an increasing demand for wood products in construction.

Structural engineer Pim Peters
Pim Peters

​Sustainable construction with timber structures

Pim Peters, structural engineer at IMd Raadgevende ingenieurs, sees an increasing demand for structural wood products as an alternative to traditional building materials. With case examples he demonstrates the strength of sustainable Kerto® LVL floor and roof elements.

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Building with Kerto® LVL

What is Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) used for

How we build now and in the future is critical to economic growth, human wellbeing, and our global climate. As a leading supplier of wood products, Metsä Wood knows from experience that Nordic premium wood is the best renewable raw material in the world. When used right, it saves money, time and nature.

Our article series describes why wood construction is Fast, Light and Green.

Below you can see some examples of buildings using Kerto® LVL.