Birch plywood production video

See the video how birch plywood is manufactured

​​​Plywood is a warm and beautiful material. Its raw material, wood, is a renewable natural resource and one of the construction materials that has been awarded environmental certification. Our plywood products are manufactured at Metsä Wood mills in central and eastern Finland.

Plywood is strong, its surface durable, easy to work with and easy to handle. The plywood panels withstand rough handling, wear and tear, humidity and bruising.

Metsä Wood birch plywood is made of cross-bonded 1.4 mm thick birch veneers. The panels are sanded on both sides and their surface is smooth, hard and durable. Birch plywood is characterized by excellent strength and stiffness properties, and therefore it performs very well in applications demanding high strength and rigidity.

See the video how the birch plywood is produced in Metsä Wood mills.