Mjösa Tower, world's tallest wood building


Mjösa Tower (Mjøstårnet) in Brumunddal, Norway is the world's tallest wooden building, a beacon of innovation pointing the way to a greener, more sustainable urban future. In this unique wooden construction the traditional Norwegian wooden architecture meets modern technology, which allows prefabricated components to be preassembled then pieced together quickly on site.

The tower houses a mix of homes, offices and hotel rooms, all built using primarily regional materials and sustainably sourced timber. The floor elements were made using glulam and Metsä Wood's Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber), a fast, light, green material produced in Finland. It’s lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand the challenges that come with an 85.4-metre building. In addition, Kerto LVL is uniform and has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio – in short, the perfect solution for a structure that’s a pioneer in sustainable urban architecture.

Designed by Voll Arkitekter, built by Moelven Limtre and funded by Norwegian private investor Arthur Buchardt, Mjösa Tower's 18 stories over look Mjösa, the building's namesake and Norway's largest lake. Using lightweight, prefabricated materials meant construction was done in a fraction of the time needed for a standard tall building, at a blistering pace of nearly a floor a week.

Watch the video and you’ll hear, what was the most interesting part to build the world’s tallest wooden high-rise!

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