Verksbyen – green building, green living


​Fredrikstad in Norway is taking a leap into the future of living, with Metsä Wood. The area of Verksbyen is the first of its kind in Norway with their ecological Future Living concept and passive house standard. With the pressures brought to building industry by environmental needs, it is vital to find solutions to build in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Building with wood reduces CO2 footprint by 50% compared to traditional building materials: concrete and steel. The flooring and walls in these 5-storey apartment buildings are made using Metsä Wood’s Kerto LVL products. Their durability and high quality are playing a key role in building this green neighbourhood in collaboration with Arca Nova Bolig and Metsä Wood.

“They have very unique qualities that enable us to build walls with almost normal thickness, and very stiff and good floors”, says Ruben D. Hansen, CEO of Arca Nova Group, about Metsä Wood and the Kerto LVL products.

Watch the video to see into the future of green living in wooden apartment buildings.