Possibilities of wood construction

As a leading supplier of wood products, Metsä Wood knows from experience that Nordic premium wood is the best renewable raw material in the world. When used right, it saves money, time and nature.

To challenge preconceptions and explore the possibilities of wood construction, we’ve started a project called Plan B. In it, we’ll plan how to build iconic architectural designs out of wood. Our first case was the Roman Colosseum. The second case is big – Big Apple big: how to build a wooden skyscraper. We chose the Empire State Building.

We’re not saying that everything should be built of wood. We are saying that wood should always be considered as a true alternative in everything from structures to exteriors.

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Plan B cases

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Metsä Wood: Industrially efficient in everything we do

In an increasingly responsible world, wood gains in importance every day. Metsä Wood plays a crucial role in the development and growth of this global market.

Our strategy can be crystallised into two words: industrial efficiency. Our premium-quality wood products are made for the demanding needs of our construction, industrial and distribution partners. We know that there are three steps to industrial efficiency, commitment, reliability and quality. We always work in close cooperation with our customers to reduce construction costs and time, and we reduce the environmental footprint at every stage of the process.

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