Spruce FireResist

Spruce Ply FireResistant

​​​​​​​Metsä Spruce FireResist Plywood is surface impregnated with fire resistant properties giving it a EuroClass B and C classification.

FireResistant plywood with Euroclass B and C classifications

Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist Sheet is a construction panel to be used in applications where reaction fo fire Euroclass B or C is required. Suitable uses are interior applications under cover and fully protected from the weather (use class 1 and 2 according to EN 335-1).

  • Building applications: Wall, ceiling and flooring structures with fire resistance requirements. Bearing and stiffening structures.
  • In general: Applications where enhanced reaction to fire classification is required or improved fire safety is preferred.

Major advantages

  • Euroclass B and C reaction to fire classifications
  • Very limited (Class B) or limited (Class C) contribution to fire
  • Decreased need for structural protection
  • Allows load bearing panel structures
  • Can be painted
  • Strong, rigid and lightweight panel
  • Easy to machine and install by using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners
  • Good base for fasteners
  • Available with square edges and tongue-and-groove profiles

See also Phoenix Fire Resistant Plywood  for construction.  

Where to buy

Our Spruce Plywood can be purchased from your local UK timber merchant - where to buy​.

For further information

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