Spruce WeatherGuard

Weather resistant plywood for construction

​​​​​Metsä Wood's WeatherGuard is a spruce plywood which has a hydrophobic surface. The surface of the panel rejects rainwater and therefore reduces the amount of water absorbed whilst, at the same time, allowing the sheet to breathe.


Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard is an all-purpose construction panel which is also suitable for various applications which include:

  • Building applications: floor, wall and roof structures, agricultural structures, pedestrian bridges, construction platforms etc.
  • Renovation: repairing, improving and renovating homes and buildings
  • Other applications: packing applications, vehicle industry, fences, hoardings etc.

Major advantages:

  • Repels rain water reducing the risk of swelling & delamination
  • Reduces the need for cover during the construction period
  • Quicker drying time reducing the risk of mould growth
  • Can be painted & stained
  • Structurally certified
  • Strong, light-weight & stable
  • PEFC certified

Tested performance

 During field tests in typical construction site settings, full size panels of Spruce WeatherGuard were placed horizontally to simulate roof and/or floor structures. The 72-hour test demonstrated that Spruce WeatherGuard panels absorbed only half of the amount of water compared to untreated spruce plywood. Due to the lower moisture content of Spruce WeatherGuard also the needed drying period is shorter. In the tests the difference of the drying period duration was 48 hours.

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