Finnwood – structural calculation software for wood construction designs 

Simple and easy to use, Finnwood® software performs calculations for individual beams and columns made of Kerto® LVL and other Metsä Wood products. A user-friendly interface makes structural design and calculation fast, efficient and effective.

Finnwood enables users to freely choose the geometry of the structural system including spans, support widths, slopes and loadings. After the geometry and loads have been selected, the software calculates the optimal member size and prints out full structural calculations - simple!

Please click on the link to download Finnwood software free of charge - ​​Finnwood software.

Declaration of performance documents (DOP)

DoP – Declaration of Performance documents 

Here you can access Declaration of Performance documents (DoPs) for the products you purchase from Metsä Wood, for compliance to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.​

Finnframe structural flooring design tool

Finnframe – structural flooring design tool 


Supporting the Finnjoist (FJI) is our design software, Finnframe - an advanced design package that saves time, eliminates wastage, and offers certainty by turning your floor plans into a detailed specification that complies with current British and European standards.

A programme of continuous development and advancement has given us the Finnframe software package, allowing you to view designs in 3D as well as plan view.

Finnframe will deliver clear and concise material listings, structural and assembly drawings, and is designed to calculate to the new Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1) and its British National Annex.

Finnframe is also able to link with other software programmes including drafting, stock control and CNC cutting programmes, a feature unique to Finnframe. The software also features a cutting optimisation programme, Finncut, to help reduce waste.

In addition to the "Hardware" and "Software", our package is completed with the support of our UK-based Technical Support Team and Technical Sales Team, providing technical advice, trouble shooting, training and giving you all the support required to complete your project.

For more information on the above, please contact our Technical Hotline on 01205 883 835.

*Please note that Finnframe is exclusively for use by our qualified distributors.​

BIM – building information modeling

BIM (building information modeling) components 

Timber engineering through BIM


Effective co-ordination between design disciplines and communication of the design to the field is a constant challenge. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is driving a revolution in the construction industry.

Digital engineering (BIM) goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle, supporting processes including cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation.

Organised into BIM families, our key engineered wood product systems and solutions are all available and can be downloaded here.

Timber Academy

Free online Timber Academy courses  

Metsä Wood is offering free online Timber Academy courses built around its products. The material covers all main product families. Learn the basics of our products in short 10 minute training sessions! Completing the courses is easy: just register for the Timber Academy service, sign in and study.

Downloads and image bank

Downloads (material archive)

From downloads section you can find our product datasheets, manuals and other downloads.

Image bank

You are welcome to use Metsä Wood Image Bank free of charge for journalistic purposes or promoting Metsä Wood company and products. All other unauthorised use or copying are prohibited.
Please register to our image bank and gain immediate access to the photos.

Please mention the Metsä Wood image bank as the source when using these photographs.

Where to buy

Your nearest stockist​


Our extensive range of products are available to buy from stockists and distributors nationwide. Click on the link and there you can select the product of interest. If you need any further help, please call 0800 00 44 44 or email uk@metsagroup.c​​​

Finnframe installation app

Download the app for free


Accessible from any smart phone or tablet (Windows, Android or iOS based), the app provides static drawings of design details and animated sequences demonstrating the correct installation procedure.

The Finnframe Installation application works in conjunction with the Finnframe specification provided by Metsä Wood for our housebuilder customers. Detailed design drawings will identify specific details by code - eg M2a - and the contractor will simply cross reference the code with the app on their phone to watch the brief annotated video.

This information is currently provided in the form of technical drawings on the reverse of detailed site plans. This guidance may not be readily to hand for all contractors, so the app provides immediate on-the-spot information.

Following extensive research with customer and construction site staff, the app has been developed in order to eliminate errors in the installation process. Eliminating the need to visit sites that are held up due to incorrect installation or handling of a product was cited as a real concern by the customers that Metsä Wood engaged with during the development process.

​​ This is not an app for 'app's sake'. We have listened to our customers who all recognise that remedial action is expensive and time-consuming, so any tool that can help get the job done right first time, every time, will ensure the build process is more efficient and will help both contractor and client. Our aim is that downloading the app becomes standard site practice and will be included in tool box talks on all sites using the Finnframe system.

Calculator tools


​Calculator tool for decking, flooring and cladding


Our calculator tools have been designed to help you buy the right amount of Metsä Wood decking, cladding or flooring for your project. Tools include:

  • The Decking Calculator Tool which helps calculate how many deck boards you require for our range of decking. This includes: Softwood deck boards, WalkSure deck boards, GrasseDeck deck boards, GrasseDeck Pro deck boards, ​Hardwood deck boards and Composite deck boards
  • The Cladding Calculator Tool which helps calculate how much Softwood Cladding you need for your project
  • The Flooring Calculator Tool ​which includes our range of PTG softwood flooring

Installation Videos


Installation Videos

Our Installation Videos have been designed to help you with all your projects, step by step.

Watch more videos on Metsä Group's YouTube channel