Metsä Wood serves a variety of businesses within the manufacturing industries.  Whether it is softwood or MDF mouldings for industrial manufacturers, Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for door manufacturers or scaffold boards, or birch plywood for fitting out the transport or concrete formwork industries, we have a wide range of products with the service level to match.

Scroll down to explore some of the products and services which are currently available. Alternatively, contact us  to find out how Metsä Wood UK can support your business.


Industrial manufacturing


Consistency and supply chain security

Depending on your requirements, Metsä Wood UK can provide sawn timber or engineered wood alternatives which can enhance performance and utilisation. As primary producers, we can ensure an industrial and cost-efficient supply model, along with consistent quality and grading due to our understanding of specific customer needs.

Our UK-based team of experts in the timber industry can offer technical knowledge and support from the forest right through to manufacturing processes. Get in touch  to discuss your requirements.

Industrial manufacturing services

Metsä Wood UK offers nationwide delivery with 'just in time' deliveries. We can supply mixed loads or full loads as required, including tailor-made packaging or palletising specifications to suit your requirements.



At Metsä Wood UK, we understand that not all industrial manufacturing is the same. That's why we can support you with timber profiling and machining to bespoke customer requirements (normally to tolerances of ± 0.5mm) and cross-cutting to component lengths, as required (normally to tolerances of ± 1mm).

If you have specific grading requirements, we can support you further with on-line visual grading to your own criteria, or camera grading for high speed lines.

Importantly, due to our close relationship with the supplying mills, Metsä Wood UK can ensure a consistent supply of raw materials to enable maximum yield and minimal wastage during further processing.


At Metsä Wood UK, we supply a range of white primed MDF mouldings. For the manufacturing industries, these can be profiled and/or primed to standard or bespoke patterns. In addition, lamination with protective plastic covers is available, as is CNC machining which can provide secondary processing, if necessary for your requirements.

As with softwood timber mouldings, we can provide cross-cutting to component lengths, as required (normally to tolerances of ± 1mm).


Kerto LVL is produced from 3mm thick, rotary-peeled softwood veneers that are glued together to form a continuous sheet. The sheet is cut to length and sawn according to your requirements. Read more about Kerto LVL on the global Metsä Wood website, or click here for details of your UK sales team.

Transport industry


Services for the transport industry

For convenience and efficiency, Metsä Wood offers tailor-made component kits - comprising birch plywood deck boards with a phenolic film face - for the LGV and HGV transport industries. These can be delivered in full loads, direct from the mill.

Suitable for flooring in commercial vehicles, Metsä Wood UK is able to supply XL and King size plywood panels, which reduces the number of visible joints. These range up to 6000 mm x 2200 mm (XL panels) and 13700 mm x 2800 mm (King size panels), offering rigidity and improved aesthetics.

For our customers within the transport industry, a break bulk / pick a pack service is available from our UK operations.

Birch plywood products for the transport industry   

Metsä Wood UK produces a wide range of high quality, durable plywood solutions for vehicle and trailer flooring.

Birch plywood

A wide range of specialist birch plywood products is available from Metsä Wood, including Deck, Top, Form, FormPLUS, Floor, Granit Top, Granit Deck, Birch, Integra, and Tuff MD. Of these, Metsä Deck, Form and Birch are available as XL panels; Metsä Birch is available as a KingSize panel.

Spruce plywood

Metsä Wood's spruce flex plywood is a high quality, durable panel with a UV-resistant thermoplastic overlay. 

Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber)

Metsä Wood's Kerto LVL is ideal for use as floor and wall bearers where strength, weight and stability are critical to trailer manufacturers.


Door  manufacturing


Door manufacturing

Metsä Wood UK offers cut-to-size and specification door blanks for composite entrance doors and architectural fire door set manufacturers. These cover acoustic and fire requirements. Metsä Wood's range of acoustic fire door blanks are E30 or E60 certified, as well as being acoustically tested from -33 dB to -41 dB fully operational (without glass opening).

You can be assured of a reliable supply, because our door blank products are delivered via full loads directly from the mills in Finland. However, part loads and buffer stocks are also available from Metsä Wood UK's operations.

Depending on your requirements, various further processing options are available, including optical or calibrating sanding, or re-gluing for increased thicknesses.

Door blanks for door manufacturers   


Metsä Wood can offer Kerto LVL L-panels to door manufacturers. These are new, lightweight panels for the industry, reducing the U-value and increasing thermal performance.

Birch and Rego

Alternatives to Kerto LVL door blanks include birch and Rego options. Metsä Wood's birch acoustic fire door blanks are manufactured using cross-layered birch veneers, while Metsä Wood's Rego door blanks combine birch plywood and Metsä Wood Sonex acoustic matting.


Concrete  formwork


Serving the concrete formwork industry

Metsä Wood UK's plywood products for the concrete formwork industry are available in a range of different sizes to bring you versatility and convenience. These include made-to-order and large press panels for the system shuttering and prefab concrete manufacturing market.

Our birch plywood panels - including the XL and King size panels designed to leave fewer visible joints - feature phenolic film coatings ranging from 120 g/m² up to 700 g/m².

Full and mixed loads of birch formwork plywood are available direct from Metsä Wood mills, offering you reliability in your supply.

In the UK, Metsä Wood also offers Thomasi Plastform MDO as an alternative for loose board concrete shuttering applications.

Concrete formwork plywood panels 

Birch plywood

Metsä Wood's birch Form, FormPLUS, Form XL, King size and spruce plywood all offer strength, quality and rigidity for the concrete formwork industries, available in standard and oversize panels.


Scaffolding  industry


Supporting the scaffold board industry

Metsä Wood UK can supply full and mixed loads of high quality Master Plank® scaffold boards direct to your site.

High quality Master Plank® scaffold boards   

Metsä Wood offers Master Plank®, one of the most widely recognised brands of LVL scaffold boards in the world. It offers unrivalled quality and strength values, manufactured to OSHA/ANSI standards and individually proof tested.        

 With its 3mm thick softwood veneers which are glued together to form a continuous billet, Metsä Wood's Kerto LVL gives Master Plank® scaffold boards their high strength-to-weight ratio (lowest in class).